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Golf Fitness

Chiropractic care for golf injuries in Highland Park, Edison, and New Brunswick

Have you been spending thousands of dollars on the latest equipment and golf lessons, but your game has not improved?  Well your not alone.  Statistics over the past 20 years show that despite the advanced technology in equipment and teaching, handicaps have actually gone up.  The frustrations of not being able to achieve the necessary swing positions will cause swing compensations, faults, and injuries.

The average golfer deserves the same fitness training, flexibility, strength, and structural corrections to improve  swing faults that the top professional golfers utilize.

Dr. Grossman has been trained to analyze your golf swing, and detect structural weaknesses that are causing your swing faults. Customized  corrective and strengthening exercises are prescribed to improve your posture, flexibility, and core strength.

To increase your flexibility, strength, balance, and swing mechanics please call 732-572-2225 (back).

As a PGA apprentice and an avid golfer, I came to Dr. Grossman about a year ago with a troublesome lower back that had been bothering me for a few years.  Within the first session, Dr. Grossman made a few adjustments and I instantly felt better.  He also showed me a drill to use to make sure I wasn't doing any damage to my lower back while I was practicing.  I can not express to you how much this has helped me whether its golf related, work related, or my general well being.  Having worked with The First Tee of Raritan Valley and with a high volume golf club for the past five years, I have come across many students of mine of all ages with reoccurring back problems.  I am often asked how to go about about fixing back problems in the golf swing.  At which point I inform my students that I can only show them certain set up and posture positions that will help them not do any further damage.  As far as correcting their lower back issues, I simply explain that I too was in the same situation, but with Dr. Grossman's help I can now teach and practice all day with no lower back issues.  Thinking about where I was almost a year ago, where it was painful in my lower back at the address position of the golf swing, to where I am now, which is playing, practicing, teaching, and working out, I can not thank Dr. Grossman enough for the help he has given me.
Gabe Rickards
PGA Apprentice New Jersey Section
Assistant Golf Professional at Concordia Golf Club